Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. We recommend you read the entire page before listening to the files. Seriously, read all of it.

First of all let’s get this question out of the way:

Why is ___ missing?

Because this Site is a work in progress. I will work on it when I feel like it.

About Bamboo

What is Bamboo Sleep?

Bamboo Sleep is a site featuring modified hypnosis files. These original files go by a similar name, but feature some nasty hypnotic suggestions, which can and have caused damage to their listeners. We’ve attempted to make these files safer, but still keep the elements which makes them special.

In these files a split personality is created. This personality is the one of a vain girl, obsessed with herself. A common name for this kind of girl rhymes with bambo(o)… She can also be controlled with certain triggers.

Why is it called Bamboo Sleep?

This name is similar to the original files, however we don’t want to associate with the original creator. We believe that the original Creator has been very malicious by adding addictive elements, omitting certain contents of the episodes and attempting to modify the original personality.

You can easily find the original name by listening to the files – but we’ve replaced the original name in the transcripts.

How were the original files dangerous?

While both versions create a second personality which takes over when the subject wears certain clothes, the original files also allow the second personality to modify the behaviour of the original one. Modifications include getting the original personality addicted to listening to the files and purchasing clothes. The bamboo version has removed all these elements.

So is the Bamboo edition 100% safe?

No. While we’re trying our best at making safe files, we’re not professional hypnotists nor psychologists. We cannot guarantee anything, use these files at your own risk.

We try to describe the files as best as we can in the posts, however the descriptions might be incomplete. We recommend reading the transcripts of the main voice if you are unsure. No guarantees on the transcript either! There are also some voices / effects on the side channels, which have not been transcribed

Listening to the files

How do I properly listen to the files?

First, there are the technical aspects:

  • You will need stereo headphones, bonus points if they’re of good quality.
  • Create a playlist of the files or use a premade playlist
  • Make sure the volume is at a proper level

Second, there are the hypnotic aspects:

  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: You MUST wear special / slutty clothes that can be felt while worn. This is so you have a clear separation between the Bamboo personality (which takes over when you wear those clothes) and your normal personality. Do NOT listen to the files without them!
  • Make sure you are not too tired – falling asleep during trance will make the session ineffective.
  • Don’t do anything during the sessions – just lay still. We recommend laying down on your bed.
  • If you have trouble staying focused, simply repeat everything which is being said in your head.
  • Clearing your head by meditating for a few minutes before listening can be helpful.

Other questions

Why are there mistakes in the transcripts?

The transcripts were done automatically and corrected manually. They won’t be perfect, we’ve also edited some minor parts to make it easier to read.

There are also the side voices, which are not transcribed. They also give some suggestions.

Why are some words censored or replaced?

We’d like to keep this site as clean as possible, so some words have been removed or edited from the page.